Where I buy material

I started to use a local art store but then found that my limited budget was being exceeded.  I then discovered that I could get everything I needed from Blick Art supplies at a significantly lower price.  Their online ordering system is straightforward.  The packages are very well wrapped  (including canvases, oil paints, charcoal pencils, palettes, etc).  I also appreciate that I can recycle all their wrapping material.  The shipments arrived within the expected timeframe.


Masterpiece Arts Canvas

I found the Belgian Linen canvas with oil priming are a delight to paint on.  I had tried cotton canvas on my first paintings but then tried the Belgian linen and discovered the difference with fine linen.  Great for painting.



Brushes from Rosemary and Co

In Richard Schmid's Alla Prima he recommended brushes made by Rosemary and Co in England.  Having been dissatisfied with the brushes I had found in local stores, I tried their online store.  I found that Schmid had also put together a listing of brushes.  I first purchased a few to test their quality.  Delighted I then brought more and then more.  Then I followed the recommendations from Schmid.  The brushes give me wonderful control over the oil/watercolor and acrylic paints.  Brushes are an extension to my hand.  Their website is easy to use and the brushes arrive well packaged.  Of course, a website can not give the joy of touching and using the brushes.  For that one needs them in one's hand.  





Oil Paints by M. Graham

I found I am allergic to linseed oil (resulting in bad headaches).  I searched for an alternative and found walnut oil and the oils made by M. Graham.  I then discovered that their colors are also very rich in intensity.   Later I also explored their watercolors and acrylics and found the same rich colors across these different medium.